Production of recycled concrete

Save natural resources, produce concrete with our technology.

We can recycle construction debris in the right way and turn it back into solid concrete using a special process.

Our solution represents a technological innovation in the construction industry and, together with environmental protection, is an integral part of the circular economy.

Why recycled concrete?

Nature friendly

RED BETON is based on saving natural resources and efficient use of recycled material. Reducing transport of aggregates, lower bulk density of concrete, better thermal insulation characteristics plus savings in natural resources are benefits that make our solution contribute to improving the environment.

Customized solutions

As part of our cooperation, we offer an individual approach to each customer, precise preparation of test mixes and production support. We also offer recycling companies  a participation in a project of building concrete plants directly at the ,"recycling yard".

Production cost savings

Our solution uses up to 100% recycled aggregates for concrete production and the economy of such production saves up to 20% of existing production costs.

Amendment to the Waste law

We offer solutions for the near future associated with a reduction of landfilling and a use of debris for further processing according to the new European legislation.

Market-proven functionality

Cooperating with small as well as large concrete companies, we were able to mix concrete from our recycled aggregates

in such a quality that we convinced even the biggest supporters of the original recipes that our patent works. Don't be afraid of a change.

Licensed production

We offer a license and original know-how for the production of concrete from recycled inert construction demolition waste.

What can be produced thanks to our technology

Transport concrete

Fresh concrete produced in a concrete plant, ready for use for foundation strips, base concretes, infill concretes, etc.

Prefabricated products

Production of concrete blocks, road panels, barriers, retaining walls, fence elements and posts, fence fittings, decorative garden paving, benches, etc.

Monolithic buildings

Possible use in the construction of houses, offices and warehouses. The great advantage of producing concrete from recycled aggregate is its lower bulk density, better thermal insulation properties and lower production costs.